Services Offered

Home Inspections

Insurance Inspections

-Wind Mitigation Reports

-4 Point Inspections

-Roof Certifications

Pool, Dock & Seawall Inspections

Thermal Scanning


  Single Family Homes

   (*Total Sq Ft Pricing)

Up To 1500 Sq Ft:             Call for Quote

1501 - 2000 Sq Ft:             Call for Quote

2001-2500 Sq Ft:              Call for Quote

2501-3000 Sq Ft:              Call for Quote

3001-3500 Sq Ft:              Call for Quote

3501-4000 Sq Ft               Call for Quote


Please Call for Quote Over 4000 Sq Ft


(*Total Sq Ft Pricing)

1 Bedroom:          Call for Quote

2 Bedroom:          Call for Quote

3 Bedroom:          Call for Quote


   (*Total Sq Ft Pricing)

Up To 1000 Sq Ft:      Call for Quote

1001 - 2000 Sq Ft:      Call for Quote

2001 - 3000 Sq Ft:      Call for Quote

3001 - 4000 Sq Ft:      Call for Quote

All Home Inspection include a Wind Mitigation Report & Thermal Scanning.  If The Home is 20 Years or Older, I Will Include A 4 Point Inspection Report Also.

Prices are Subject To change Without Notice

 Insurance Inspections

Wind Mitigation Report:                 $90.00

4 Point Inspection:                         $150.00

Combo (WM & 4Pt):                        $240.00

Roof Certification:                          $90.00

Re-Inspection Fee - $85.00

  Add On Inspections

Pool Inspection With Full Inspection:                   $95.00

Dock/Seawall Inspection With Full Inspection:     $95.00

Thermal Scanning

Thermal Scanning.  Based on 2000 Sq Ft:           $199.00

* = Total Sq Ft Includes Garage, Porches, ETC